Say "NO" to a cell tower in beautiful Mountain View Park


Please let the Scottsdale City Council know you are against the building of a cell phone tower at Mountain View Park. At first, the proposed site for the cell phone tower is over the baseball field, and the ground-mounted equipment between the children's playground and tennis courts, all adjacent to Cochise Elementary School. The permit is asking to replace an existing ball field light with a 60 foot replacement light pole with a 10' tower mounted on top.

With your help, we beat this proposal. Now AT&T is proposing a "new" site, which is only several hundred feet south. Still in Mountain View Park.


Whereas most cell towers in the City of Scottsdale are located along a busy street, commercially zoned property, or adjacent to electrical substations, this will be one of the only sites deep within a residential neighborhood and will be the only unsightly factor in the area. Aside from possible health risks, decreased property values, and safety concerns, if approved this permit sets a precedent that the City can allow a cell tower almost anywhere.


Mountain View Park is a 20 acre community park with no commercial zoning, tucked in the heart of McCormick Ranch, surrounded by residences and Cochise Elementary School. A place where hundreds of kids play each week on the playground, soccer and baseball fields. Mountain View Park is a community gem and an inappropriate site for AT&T or any other cellular carrier to propose a tower that will significantly impact quality of life.


A member of the City Council said this petition voicing your oppostion to the tower "will help support a vote against the permit for the cell phone tower." Please sign our online petition here and share this information with your neighbors and friends who are a part of our community.


Thank you for your support!